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A stronger effect than you think

I truly wish that the weather was consistent here from 1 day to the next. We’re still getting occasional rain showers from late summertime, along with some of the early Winter weather that we’re used to during late Autumn. One day it could be 75 degrees outside while the next day it drops down to […]

A very strong effect

I really wish that the weather was consistent here from a single afternoon to the next. We’re still getting occasional rain showers from late summer, along with some of the early Winter weather that we’re used to during late Fall. One afternoon it could be 76 degrees outside while the next afternoon it can lower […]

When you’re young, you have different wants and needs than you need when you’re a kid or an old person. My friends and I just want to have fun. When we rented a beach house, we knew what our priorities were. We wanted to have enough booze to get us through two weeks. We also had to have enough weed to get us through two weeks. We knew we could always go out and buy groceries. We weren’t sure if we were going to be able to purchase marijuana where we were. We had more than four ounces of marijuana in the car. We had to laugh at how strong it was. We had to double and triple wrap it, so the smell didn’t waft outside when we got out of the car. We went through some of it on the trip. We were sure we had enough to get us through the entire two weeks. By the time the two weeks were over, the only thing we had left were some small crumbs, and we were scraping together all we could get. We wanted to make sure we used every little bit of weed that we brought with us. One of our worries when brought so much weed with us, is that in this state it is still illegal to purchase and use. Our first stop when we got home was at the marijuana dispensary. We wanted to replenish our supply of marijuana before getting back to our homes. We were glad our weed supply lasted us through the trip, but we were already planning on having more with us on our next trip.

Marijuana is not a drug. medical marijuana dispensary

I wasn’t brought up to hold down any kind of busy work. My parents worked their ‘farm’ for a living. We grew our own food and even as kids, we were expected to help out around ‘farm’. Mom and dad were what some think of as hippies. We were encouraged to always follow our dreams, seek happiness, and make peace a part of your lifestyle. Possessions meant little, and money meant even less. I was helping to grow and cultivate marijuana from the time I was able to walk. We weren’t pressured to go to college, but we did go to school, even if it was home schooling. I knew more about marijuana than most kids knew about their toys. I enjoyed working our ‘farm’ and I was good at getting the marijuana to grow strong and healthy. It should not have been any surprise that I wanted to stay in the family business. I wanted to strike out on my own, but I really didn’t have any skills. I guess I should have known where I would end up. They had just opened a cannabis dispensary in our area. I was the closest thing to an expert they had ever seen. I knew many of the strains, just from the odor. If I tasted it, I could tell you how good the quality was. It didn’t take long before I became their most valuable employee. I love my job and I plan on being here for quite some time. I am still growing small batches of marijuana and I get a premium price for it. I guess it was something I was always good at and I just enjoy the process.

How could we have used so much so quickly. cannabis gummies

My friends and I love to go on road trips. We have often taken off and rode around for days on end. We are usually very careful with our marijuana stash. We have it hidden in a can that is wrapped in newspaper and tucked away in a box. Even so, we still don’t want to get pulled over by a cop and have our car searched. The last time we had a cop follow us, we all got paranoid. We knew we had to get rid of the weed. We drove up and down the streets for what felt like forever. We finally pulled into the parking lot of a fast food store. We dug out the marijuana and tossed it in the closest trash can. When we saw the cop, he was walking into the restaurant. I couldn’t believe we had ditched all that marijuana for nothing. When the cop left, we headed back to the trash can, planning on retrieving our marijuana. A young man had just pulled the trash bag and he had the biggest smile on his face. I had a feeling he had found the marijuana and it was now in his car. I wish we had our marijuana back, but we couldn’t force him to give it back. We packed it in and headed back to see if we could find someone to purchase more marijuana and then we were on the way out of town. I remember my friend saying that we would all laugh about this when we got older. I’m still not laughing because I still don’t see anything funny about what happened.

I was working at a marijuana dispensary.   legal weed dispensary

I know that everyone is blaming 2020 for their anxiety and their anger. Everything that isn’t working as planned, is being blamed on Covid. It’s something we are all living through and we may as well get used to it. It’s going to be here for a while yet. I lost my entire social life this year, and I haven’t worked in months. The only thing that hasn’t changed is how I wake up to get a large cup of black coffee and then I grab a large bowl of weed and inhale it. I want to make sure I start the day with a smile. I know that my mom is always telling me that I should not smoke marijuana. Others tell me that it is illegal and it will make me a drug addict. I find all of this quite amusing. I want to make sure I have a good day, and what better way to start the day, than with a joint or a bowl filled with marijuana. The weed is what gets me through the day. It has become the only stable thing in my life. If I’m not able to stay stoned through the day, I am unable to get motivated. I want to do nothing but sit around and watch television if I’m not using the weed. If I use weed, I end up making a bed, getting shower, and doing all the things I would normally do. Weed just makes my day go easier. Now that Christmas is coming, the weed is even better. It is keeping me in a jolly mood.

We had to lose the marijuana. learn about medical marijuana

I work the night shift quite often. Normally everyone is sleeping when I get home. I am still too keyed up for sleep, so I head to the back door, sit at the picnic table, and I smoke a joint. It mellows me out and makes it easier for me to sleep. Tonight I was heading back to the picnic table when I heard voices. I smelled the odor of marijuana and I stopped dead in my tracks. My little girl was saying that she hoped her dad didn’t come home and find her smoking weed out here. I heard her friends say that as soon as the joint was gone, they would all go in and go to bed. I stood there, waiting for them to leave so I could do what they were doing. I hated spying on my kid, but I was the dad. I wanted to go back there and ask how a bunch of sixteen year old kids were able to get weed? I wanted to warn them of the dangers of smoking and tell them how disappointed I was in them. I would have gladly grounded my dad and forced her friends to go home instead of having them stay here. I knew that if I did any of that, I would be a hypocrite. Worse, I would embarrass all of them and it could ruin their friendship. I stomped my feet and growled about the night I had at work. They heard me and with a giggle, I heard them go into the house without even turning on a light. I reached in when I was sure they were upstairs and turned on the light. I would say something about the marijuana when we were alone.

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Sometimes you just need to get away from everything and go on a road trip. That is what my friends and I were doing this past weekend. We had just finished our finals and we were waiting for graduation from college. We were tired and tense and we needed to relax. My three buds and I headed out on a Thursday and we were going to the mountains for a week. We had plenty of booze and marijuana to keep us laughing and happy. We had the marijuana packed up tightly so it couldn’t be detected. We couldn’t even smell the marijuana. If we had been able too smell it, it probably wouldn't make it to the mountains. It didn’t make it to the mountains, anyway. We got about an hour away from the cabin when my car broke down. We had no idea what happened, but it just quit running. I checked the gas gauge, so I knew I wasn’t out of fuel. We had to call AAA and have them send out a tow truck. Before the tow truck got there, we knew we had to ditch the marijuana and that is exactly what we did. We went to the ditch and dug a hole. We put the marijuana, still in the can, deep into the hole. By the time we got back to the car, the tow truck was pulling in. We were only at the garage for an hour when they had the car repaired, but we had no idea where we had buried the marijuana.

I backed off after recognizing the odor.   legal cbd dispensary

The first time I was ever pulled over by the police, he was either new or I was acting suspicious. Either way, he made everyone get out of the car and we were all searched and given breath tests. He took our licenses and told us that we were out past curfew. Ever since then, even though we weren’t doing anything wrong, I have been paranoid when a policeman gets behind me. I am now eighteen and I’ll admit that I enjoy using marijuana. I won’t smoke when I’m driving, but I am still paranoid. If I see a cop even look my way, I will slow way down and drive as cautiously as possible. If there is weed in my car, even a small amount, I take my time. I don’t want a cop stopping me and finding my stash. It still isn’t legal to smoke recreationally in our state. I don’t want a fine or to end up in jail because of my weed. I think it’s kind of odd that you can drink alcohol, but you can’t light up a joint. I think that the government needs to get together and pass a law that will legalize marijuana in all the states and not just in a state here or there. It would be so much easier if everyone knew it was legal to smoke weed once in a while, just not while you are driving. Until that time comes, I’ll be playing it easy and being very cautious whenever I see a police officer behind me. I would hate to have my marijuana confiscated just because I was driving suspiciously.

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