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Mom didn’t need to try to be cool

My girlfriend’s mom is always trying so hard to be a part of our gang. She thinks she needs to be the cool mom to be liked. Last year we all went to a 420 street fair. Her mom drove the van, since she was the only one who had a driver’s license. Her mom […]

I thought they just forgot the / in 420.

I don’t know where or who helped to make 420 an important date in time. I just know that marijuana smokers are well aware of the 420. April or 4/20 is the date that has been set aside by all marijuana smokers. It is a great day of celebration. If you ask someone about 420 […]

Treating brother’s depression with marijuana

I didn’t know that antidepressants can actually make a person more depressed. Many of the prescription pills targeted at stress, anxiety and other mental disorders are terrible for people with addictive personalities. When my younger brother was diagnosed with depression, our whole family was worried about him. The last thing we wanted was to give […]

Topical help with gymnastic injuries

I started taking gymnastics lessons when I was three years old. I was on the gymnastic competitive team in college. I still do a bit of tumbling for my athletic workout as an adult. I suffered a few nasty injuries that have slowed me down as I grow older. My left knee got over-extended performing […]

Looking to cannabis to treat anxiety

My father was always a big time smoker. From when was around 15 straight up until he died the guy smoked non stop. He smoked approximately two packs of cigarettes daily. It was odd not to see him with a cigarette dangling from his fingers. He died from lung cancer because of his nicotine addiction! […]

Legal weed makes honeymoon enjoyable

We got high quite a few days and watched favorite movies or soaked in the hot tub. When my new husband and I took our honeymoon, we had to remain within the United States, because of the threat and restrictions due to COVID. Venturing anywhere abroad just wasn’t allowed. At first, I was really disappointed […]

Cannabis works to treat acne

I have difficulties with my skin. Acne showed when I was around 13 years old and has been a challenge ever since. I experimented with all sorts of skincare options such as face wash, scrubs, steamers and astringents. Nothing seemed to stop my skin from breaking out. I eliminated fatty foods from my diet and […]

Getting my cannabis card while down south

For the last few years, I have had quite a bit of difficulty sleeping. I tried all sorts of things to wind down and sleep soundly at night. I invested in a better mattress with bamboo sheets and a special cooling gel pillow. I also tried a sound machine, started working out religiously and sipped […]