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My doctor was all for recreational pot

I remember having to sneak behind the garage, or run off to the park so our friends plus I could smoke a joint or two. Recreational pot was our go to whenever we felt we wanted to have fun, or just to run away from our boring teenaged lives. Back then, none of us would […]

I went to get CBD products.

She said that it was absolutely cheaper on websites, than it is in the drugstore, or in the weed dispensary Last weekend, I needed to purchase CBD products. When I was in an accident, I received a lot of nerve damage and disfigurement to our hands. The only thing that kept myself and others now […]

They didn’t get weed at the weed dispensary?

A crew of our best friends were talking about all the weed they bought at the weed dispensary. I thought they were blowing smoke. To be honest, I knew they were telling stories, hoping to make themselves sound love big tough guys. They were actually making themselves look like a couple of idiots. Everyone knew […]

I am so glad to have cannabis delivery in my life

Periodically in life to have something good gets even better. Honestly, it doesn’t happen especially often to me. So when it does, I celebrate it plus make sure that I supply my gratitude. Because just some good thing is a lovely thing. Yet getting that additional bonus can be a complete game changer. And that […]

And there is cannabis delivery too?!

Sometimes in life to good gets even better. Honestly, it doesn’t happen all that often to me. So when it does, I celebrate it and make sure that I give thanks. Because just some good is a wonderful thing. Yet getting that added bonus can just be a mind blower. And that is what I […]

The cannabis cafe is what has been keeping me going

Without a doubt, I am looking for basically anything that makes my afternoon entirely brighter these days. This past year has been likely the most trying of all the years I have been on earth. And that’s saying something because it’s not like it has been all green lights for me. Yet, the pandemic as […]