What strain will work best for me?

Cannabis plants come in a variety of strains.

There are two common strain profiles known as indica and sativa.

Indica plants tend to have more of a sedative and sleepy effect. They are perfect for pain relief and best used at bedtime. Sativa plants provide energy and creativity. Sativa strains are known to make users feel uplifted, euphoric, or talkative. In order to feel the best effect from cannabis, it’s important to know which strain will work best for you. When I started using cannabis regularly, I found that a perfect 50/50 hybrid blend was best for me. The 50/50 hybrid blend provides pain relief while still allowing me to function properly throughout the day. Some of the best and most versatile hybrid strains can provide long-lasting effects and benefits to every consumer. Chemdawg 99 is a great 50/50 hybrid strain. It has a pungent, diesel like aroma and linalool and pinene terpenes. Another great 50/50 hybrid strain is GG#4. GG#4 or Gorilla Glue Is the perfect hybrid strain for anyone that suffers from anxiety or obsessive compulsive disorder. Gorilla Glue is my absolute favorite hybrid strain and I never run out. It makes me feel lots of pain relief, but I still have the energy to complete daily tasks like cleaning the house or cooking a meal. That isn’t the case with every marijuana strain. A lot of the local dispensaries carry some form of Gorilla Glue. It’s easy to find the strain on sale somewhere, especially in the beginning of the week when the stock replenishes.


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Delivery service is free for all customers

Today has been a miserable day due to intense rain and dark skies.

I didn’t want to get out of bed this morning, but I had to go to work. I missed three days during the last pay period because I was sick with a head cold. I could not afford to miss work today just because I didn’t want to get out of bed and face the rain. Right outside the office, I stepped right in a puddle full of rain and my shoes were wet until lunchtime. I lost my coffee and it spilled all over the ground. The only thing that made my day better was the email I had from the local dispensary. Starting today, they are offering free cannabis delivery services. I couldn’t believe my luck on such a terrible day. I needed to visit the cannabis dispensary on the way home, but delivery services meant I could skip the lines and go straight home after work. Now I’m sitting here at home waiting for my cannabis order to arrive. I ordered some marijuana vape pen supplies and a few pot brownies. The pot brownies are a special treat for the weekend when my friends and I go to the lake. The time on the shipment request said between eight and nine, but it’s a few minutes past nine now and the delivery driver still hasn’t arrived. I’m sure the rain is causing some delays. On my way home this afternoon, I saw three accidents and a car skidded of the road into the median. I need to be calm and patient.



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Being close to the dispensary is great

I didn’t factor in the location of our last beach house when I chose to sign the lease.

I was only considering the condition and style of the apartment, I wasn’t considering the process of having to drive a few hours just to reach a grocery store, or a few hours to get to work. Location is so essential in life, so much so that it can shape your perspective and attitude on a day to day basis. Those long commutes each day were not kind to my mental health. I think my stamina during the work afternoon was changed as well. And when you’re so far from a store or gas station, you eat up more time out of the day than necessary if you have a handful of stops to make while shopping. When I relocated to my new home, I was relieved to find out that I was in a central location to pretty much everything from my job to my favorite restaurants and pizzerias. Some mornings I ride my bicycle to work if the weather outside is nice. I have walked to the grocery store a few times as well. I found out recently that there are several recreational marijuana stores closeby. Just prefer any other shop, I always had a 20 to 30 min drive to any of the local recreational marijuana stores previously. It’s not like I go to the cannabis dispensary bi-weekly, but it’s nice being so much closer now so I have less time on the road whenever I make those trips.

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Girl Scout Cookies is the parent for one of my favorite indica strains

I am a huge fan of indica cannabis strains.

Since I spend most of my workdays running around the city making deliveries, I need lots of caffeine to keep me going.

But by the time I get for the night, I need something to help me wind down to some degree. I’m not much of an alcohol person, otherwise I’d probably have a bottle of beer or a glass of wine. It was in college where I tried alcohol and marijuana for the first time, and it was within the same month during the first semester of my freshman year. My friends loved to drink, but I preferred the effects I get from smoking and vaporizing cannabis flower buds. Whenever I could get hashish on rare instances, I loved that as well. With my love of cannabis, I’ve always tended to favor the sedating indica strains. If I worked from home I might use stimulating sativa strains during my work hours, but until that time comes I will stick to medicating with cannabis indica after I get home from work for the night. The indica strains from the cannabis dispensary are perfect for my needs. My newest favorite indica strain is called Wookie Girl. Its parent strains are Girl Scout Cookies and an indica called The White. It’s a phenomenal strain and it tastes like cookies and berries. I can see myself buying lots of Wookie Girl, especially knowing how much I love the Girl Scout Cookies strain in general. Wookie Girl gives me relaxing effects without immediately putting me to sleep like other indicas.


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I just didn’t have the right stuff

The care is easy and the process is automated

I lost my squash plants this year from mildew. When I obtained them from the hardware store, I had no clue that mildew was a risk. I figured that with the proper sunlight and enough water they’d thrive without a hitch. Since my only experience in gardening was with bulbs, I didn’t know about infections, debris, or even insects and their effects on flowers and plants alike. I have a friend who obtained a hydroponic aerogarden and grows his squashes inside where he has temperature controlled A/C. He never worries about mildew on his plants as long as he doesn’t expose them to contaminants inadvertently. Recently, I learned that cannabis plants need to be grown under similar conditions. Yup, numerous still grow their marijuana outdoors where it can get exposed to any number of different environmental factors. Many others choose to grow cannabis in temperature controlled settings indoors either in custom grow rooms or in small grow box enclosures. It doesn’t matter if you’re growing two plants or two hundred, you need proper ventilation and proper fluorescent lighting for your marijuana plants. Making sure they get enough water and food is essential as well. If I ever decide to grow cannabis myself, I’m going to spend extra dough and get a turn-key grow box that has everything included that I need to grow cannabis plants. The care is easy and the process is automated. If you’re looking to start your quest into cannabis cultivation, turn-key equipment is the way to go for sure.


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A lot harder than I thought

Gardening changes in difficulty level depending on what you’re attempting to grow.

  • You can purchase a pallet full of flowers at the hardware store landscaping department that will really take root.

Yup, you’ll still need to water them officially! But, as long as you planted the stalks deep enough and threw a little bit of nutrients in the soil in the hole, they should thrive in the right weather conditions. Annual and perennial flowers are very hardy when it comes to neglect and weather abuse. With that in your head, there are some vegetables that you can plant from seeds but take a lot more effort to keep them living. The same can be said for numerous varieties of plants, it just depends on what you’re interested in raising. I’m not amazing with plants, despite the fact that I have a small flower bed in our backyard. I am also a cannabis person who buys all of his cannabis flower products from just two weird premium dispensaries. How well you raise the plant from the moment you root the seed will have a sizable effect on the end result. I obtained a small seed pouch from a legal cannabis dispensary in our state while sourcing the entire growing kit on the internet. Pot cultivation has turned out to be much harder than I initially believed. Only two of the seeds survived the first month to become rooted seedlings, and by the time I had them inside the grow box, I knew this project was going to consume a lot of my free time from that point moving ahead. My hope is that I can get a successful plant after a few cases of trial and error.

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Blog post helped me build a grow box

Despite living in a modern age, I still read a number of blogs.

I recognize that more people get their information from online videos and social media posts opposed to blogs these mornings.

And that’s for a good reason, as lots of blogs aren’t worth much with information accuracy. But if you have old hobbies like noodling and soldering metal, there are still blogs all over the web that contain a wealth of information. With any luck, you can find some that go back to the nineties as well. This is how I learned so much about growing cannabis plants. It’s not as easy as some would make you think, and you need decent equipment and fluorescent lighting if you want to grow marijuana with high yields and potent crops. Of course you can grow outside, despite the fact that I adore growing indoors. Over the years people have improved upon do it yourself marijuana grow box designs. Back in the late 2000s I was using a PC laptop enclosure for stealth cannabis grow projects, however didn’t realize that the plant stink would still pose problems. Thankfully I never got busted at that apartment, but it was frightening growing cannabis like that when it was still illegal in our state. Now that all of us have legal recreational marijuana available throughout the state, I can grow up to more than five cannabis plants either inside our home or in our backyard. I built a new cannabis grow box from designs I found from a newer cannabis growing blog.

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Able to get what I need online

I am now sourcing nearly all of my groceries and essentials off my computer.

  • Even though online business has been popular since the late 80s, it wasn’t until the last couple of years that stores have started stocking grocery store items to their online product inventory.

The launch of Amazon Pantry had a large impact on grocery stores to start looking towards the web for viability in the future goods market. The big grocery stores in our section now offer their inventory for online customers. They use a number of grocery store delivery companies to bring full online ordering to their week to week customers. For an added amount, I can do all of our grocery shopping on the internet and have it delivered to my home in a matter of hours. So when I needed a marijuana growing kit for my personal cannabis cultivation project, I simply looked on my computer. For growing a few cannabis plants, I obtained a custom grow box that features fluorescent lighting, two pots including potting soil, ventilation fans, and nutrients for the plants. I also got some information on growing cannabis that teaches how to trim the plant to encourage growth, among other marijuana growing facts. If I can manage to grow strong weed plants with flower buds good enough to smoke, I’m going to get a bigger grow box and will try our hand at more cannabis plants. Clearly that is all down the road at this point, despite the fact that I hope things only continue to improve with our cannabis growing capabilities. It’s a science for certain, however not 1 that is inaccessible.

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They have to operate on a larger level

The legal pot industry has changed a ton over the past 10 years. When my state became the first state in the country to allow a legal medical marijuana market, people from all dregs of life became corporation owners in the blooming industry. You didn’t necessarily need stockpiles of money just to get started in the medical marijuana market. Dispensaries could buy products from lots of growers, and you could stick to growing cannabis separate from ever having to own your own store fronts at that same time. It didn’t take long for this business model to be consumed. Nowadays lots of states require that all medical and recreational cannabis companies operate from seed to sale. They have to grow and sell weed both if they want a stake in the market. This creates a large financial hurdle for anyone wanting to start a marijuana business of their own. So it is not unusual to find these companies being started by groups of people instead of by a single man. Once you’re operating at this step, it’s a game to keep up with demand separate from being overtaken by your competitors. These marijuana companies have to operate sizable scale grow rooms that could fit department stores inside if they wish to meet the demand from the market in their respective state. These larger scale grow rooms need to be climate controlled and remote controlled too. You need good ventilation and HID lights, along with the ability to control these processes remotely from another location in the event of a natural disaster.

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Getting burned by bad sellers

I hate getting burned by shaddy sellers when making online buys of any kind.

For most of us, our experiences with sketchy online sellers started with the beginning of the internet.

Although they’ve made big strides in recent years to protect people, things weren’t always like this. I had 2 separate terrible experiences buying online back when it was first started. I remember ordering a DVD from a seller in Africa. I waited 3 weeks worth of overseas shipping only to earn a box with air in it. Once I signed back into my account to make a claim, his account had vanished. I doubt you’d ever experience something like this in today’s world, but this wasn’t like that a few years back. As much as I hated the experience, it taught me to be careful with whatever online sellers that I decide to do business with. My best pal needed a turn-key growing kit for cannabis and was looking all over the internet for a company. I have my own turn-key grow box and kit that I bought from a highly reputable marijuana growing supplies chain. My buddy argued that he could find the same stuff for much cheaper, and despite my warnings he bought a kit from a newly started company. He was burned with awful supplies and bad nutrients, making the whole marijuana growing kit worthless. When he tried to get his money back, the website had been removed. He has filed a claim with his debit card company, but we’ll see where that leads him.

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