Mom didn’t need to try to be cool

My girlfriend’s mom is always trying so hard to be a part of our gang. She thinks she needs to be the cool mom to be liked. Last year we all went to a 420 street fair. Her mom drove the van, since she was the only one who had a driver’s license. Her mom was the first one to purchase some marijuana and then she offered some to us. I refused because I didn’t want to disappoint my mom by doing that. This year I asked my mom if she would be willing to take us to the street fair? She asked if it was the 420 celebration we wanted to go to. My mom must have either known what 420 is or she had heard about it. I looked sheepish when she said that but I was honest and told her yes. I had already told her what had happened last year. I didn’t know much about mom growing up. My grandparents were gone long before I was born. Mom was brought up by her older sister. We got to the street fair and there were even more people there than the previous year. I was shocked when one man walked up and gave my mom a huge hug. She asked how he had been doing and he said he was shocked to see her there. He started to say something and she quickly introduced me to him. He said something about a party that night and she was invited. He also whispered that this time he could afford to pay for the pot.



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I thought they just forgot the / in 420.

I don’t know where or who helped to make 420 an important date in time. I just know that marijuana smokers are well aware of the 420. April or 4/20 is the date that has been set aside by all marijuana smokers. It is a great day of celebration. If you ask someone about 420 and they are able to tell you what it means, they are more than likely, users of marijuana. I looked for information online, about the 420 celebration. I didn’t find out a lot about it, except for what I just mentioned. The 420 celebration is highly known throughout the marijuana smoker community. I found out that it is a cool safe word among marijuana users. You don’t need to be blunt and ask if a person partakes in the use of marijuana, all you need to do is ask if they know about 420. They know exactly what 420 is and they are pleased to know you know too. When I found out what the 420 is all about, I thought it is pretty cool. I no longer wonder if I am travelling alone without other people who understand why I enjoy smoking marijuana. There is a whole crew of us, and we all share the 420. A couple months ago, I was at a celebration and there were people looking around. I was pretty sure they were just curious onlookers. My friend was wearing a 420 t-shirt. One of the onlookers walked up and handed him a pre-roll joint. He shook his hand and nodded with a smile.

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Treating brother’s depression with marijuana

I didn’t know that antidepressants can actually make a person more depressed.

Many of the prescription pills targeted at stress, anxiety and other mental disorders are terrible for people with addictive personalities. When my younger brother was diagnosed with depression, our whole family was worried about him. The last thing we wanted was to give him something he might potentially abuse. He has dealt with addiction to various substances his entire life. I started looking for an alternative to pharmaceuticals and found a solution that is proving to be ideal for him. I learned that a lot of medical marijuana patients are using cannabis to combat depression. Using cannabis is a more natural method and less addictive than any kind of pharmaceutical. It is virtually impossible to overdose on marijuana. After signing my brother up for a legal weed prescription, the process was smooth and easy. The medical marijuana dispensary is nearby, welcoming, secure and modern. The budtenders have been great at recommending the right strains for my brother. They listened to how he feels and his preferences for consumption. My brother is a smoker so edibles and tinctures hold no appeal to him. He mainly smokes, vapes or dabs flowers and concentrates. He has tried cannabis oil here and there. His strains are typically high in THC since the effects help to boost his mood and relax him. His depression has been minimal since getting his medical weed prescription card. There have been points in his life when getting out of bed and going to work were nearly impossible for him. No, my brother just got promoted, is dating a great girl and gets together with the family every Saturday. I know the medical weed has changed his way of life for the better.


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Topical help with gymnastic injuries

I started taking gymnastics lessons when I was three years old.

  • I was on the gymnastic competitive team in college.

I still do a bit of tumbling for my athletic workout as an adult. I suffered a few nasty injuries that have slowed me down as I grow older. My left knee got over-extended performing aerial cartwheels. I have trouble sitting, resting for long periods of time and any type of squats. I also deal with some pretty severe shoulder pain due to all the hand stands that I did. Sleeping was beginning to become a challenge due to the shoulder tensing up. Following my college graduation, I was forced to take some time off from tumbling and thought I might never be able to get back at it. My injuries seemed too debilitating. Getting a massage, scheduling a visit with a chiropractor and consulting with me doctor proved to be a waste of time. I then heard about the benefits of medical marijuana. This discovery changed our life. Topicals are often recommended to treat chronic pain in patients. I can rub a cream or place a patch on the inflamed area and notice quick results. I can try a strain with high THC and smoke or dab to get high for some relief. After becoming a medical marijuana patient, purchasing a cannabis-infused topical wasn’t a problem at all. I now rely on a cannabis balm every day to treat my knee and shoulder aches. I can tumble without any problem. I feel even better than I did in college. I have far less pain and I am seeing improvement in my injuries. I wish it wouldn’t have taken me this long to realize that cannabis topicals are so helpful for chronic pain treatment.


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Looking to cannabis to treat anxiety

My father was always a big time smoker.

From when was around 15 straight up until he died the guy smoked non stop. He smoked approximately two packs of cigarettes daily. It was odd not to see him with a cigarette dangling from his fingers. He died from lung cancer because of his nicotine addiction! I am extremely anti-smoking because of what happened to my dad. I avoid anything that I believe might hurt the health of my lungs. I have never smoked cigarettes or marijuana in my entire life. I realize marijuana is not the same thing as tobacco, but I am unwilling to draw any type of smoke into my lungs. I recently started suffering issues of anxiety. I began feeling uncomfortable in crowds. I’d start to sweat and become anxious right before work. It was beginning to negatively affect me to the point where leaving the house was difficult. I was reluctant to take any type of anti-anxiety pills and become reliant on them. I also learned that many people turn to medical marijuana as a natural treatment for stress and anxiety disorders. They have no problems with it. I stopped in at the local cannabis dispensary and explained to the budtender that I didn’t want to smoke marijuana. I was looking for a different consumption option to treat my symptoms. I wanted something that won’t harm my lungs. Thankfully the cannabis industry is vast. Marijuana is available in all sorts of forms. I can use a mouth spray in the morning before work that alleviates anxiety. On more stressful days, I sometimes eat an edible with a high CBD and a low THC content. It has been a life changer this past year and I feel healthy, positive and in control when I take a cannabis product.

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Looking at medical weed to help with menopause issues

I truly can’t sleep at night and there is current research suggesting menopause can be helped by cannabis.

Menopause symptoms showed up right about when I turned 50 years old. It has been almost seven years now and I am still suffering through it. The hot flushes are so terrible. I have gotten to the point where sleeping through the night is a rare occurrence. I nearly sweat to death and need to change my pajamas, underwear, sheets and pillowcases before I can go back to bed. I then switch from a hot flash to shivering because I am damp. I started searching online for something I could try to treat my menopause and sleeping issues. I came across some reports indicating that cannabis can provide relief from both. Marijuana is showing positive effects in helping women reduce the number and intensity of hot flashes. Plus, the CBD element in cannabis offers a soothing sensation. It helps me to be less restless at night so I can sleep. My state currently allows strictly medical cannabis. I now need to check into the process of becoming approved as a medical marijuaan patient. I have completed some research. The majority of cases of medical marijuana are for serious issues such as PTSD, seizures or glaucoma treatment. There is an area of legalization titled other that offers treatment for anxiety disorders, chronic pain, depression and sleeping issues. I am hoping my doctor agrees to prescribing medical cannabis. I truly can’t sleep at night and there is current research suggesting menopause can be helped by cannabis. I am willing to claim anything in order to get my hands on cannabis. I don’t care if I end up high as a kite. I just want to avoid sweating buckets and tossing and turning all night.

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Legal weed makes honeymoon enjoyable

We got high quite a few days and watched favorite movies or soaked in the hot tub.

When my new husband and I took our honeymoon, we had to remain within the United States, because of the threat and restrictions due to COVID. Venturing anywhere abroad just wasn’t allowed. At first, I was really disappointed over losing the opportunity to experience a European culture and visit historic sites. My fiance was wonderful about figuring out a different state where there was lots for us to do. The state we chose was just perfect for us. The weather was mild and tons of eating establishments were open. We got to try lots of different foods and even lying out on the beach was feasible. One thing the state offers is an array of cannabis dispensaries. In our home state, only medical marijuana is legal. We would need to get a special card from a doctor in order to be allowed to buy weed at a dispensary. In our honeymoon locations, the two of us were able to just walk inside, browse the selection and purchase whatever we wanted. My husband and I hadn’t smoked marijuana since we were around 19 years old. We wanted to try all sorts of products. There were cannabis cookies, CBD oils and cannabis smoothies to try. Since a lot of bars, activities and parks were difficult to access because of the virus, we spent a lot of time at our hotel. My husband and I purchased an array of cannabis products and smoked, nibbled or drank them most of the time. We got high quite a few days and watched favorite movies or soaked in the hot tub. It was such a relaxing time for us. Now that we have returned home, I wish I had a medical cannabis prescription. I miss the peaceful and happy feeling of the THC effects.


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Cannabis works to treat acne

I have difficulties with my skin.

Acne showed when I was around 13 years old and has been a challenge ever since. I experimented with all sorts of skincare options such as face wash, scrubs, steamers and astringents. Nothing seemed to stop my skin from breaking out. I eliminated fatty foods from my diet and started washing my pillow cases every week. I frequently invest in facials to have my pores cleaned and exfoliated. I then read an article online about the effects of cannabis on the skin. There are studies proving that acne can be effectively treated by marijuana. Cannabis has anti-inflammatory properties and reduces the appearance of red bumps. Also, cannabis reduces the amount of sebum the body generates. Sebum is the oily waxy stuff that clogs pores and causes an acne spot! Unfortunately, cannabis for a skincare regime isn’t included in what’s allowed as legal medical marijuana. Those patients are dealing with something a little more serious in order to be allowed legal weed. Thankfully, I reside in a state that legalized easy access to recreational cannabis. I simply visited the local weed dispensary and bought a face cleanser, topical and some cannabis oil to add to my daily tea in order to treat our acne. I haven’t enjoyed this clear of skin since I was ten years old. I look like a younger woman. I have way more confidence when I interact socially and at work. Using cannabis to minimize acne was a great decision. The products are all natural, safe for my skin and they are so helpful.

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Getting my cannabis card while down south

For the last few years, I have had quite a bit of difficulty sleeping.

I tried all sorts of things to wind down and sleep soundly at night.

I invested in a better mattress with bamboo sheets and a special cooling gel pillow. I also tried a sound machine, started working out religiously and sipped soothing tea before bed. I was still quite restless at night. I lived in the northern part of the country for most of my life and the laws on cannabis were terribly strict. When my husband and I switched to the snowbird lifestyle and bought a house down south, I realized I could finally have access to legal marijuana quite freely. I decided to change my address. I became a southern resident. I followed through with the process of achieving a medical marijuana card. The doctor’s visit, online set up and fee for the cannabis products were no big deal. I then took my first trip to a legal cannabis dispensary. I had a prescription for both cannabis oil and flower. I like vaping cannabis oil prior to going to bed. I set up the cartridge in the vape and take a few hits before getting under the covers. I didn’t really care if I ended up high as a kite as long as I slept. The strain I chose is actually low in THC and high in CBD. Instead of feeling high at night, I just feel calm and mellow. I finally sleep at night because of the medical marijuana. When I move back north during the summer season, I make sure to stock up on my cannabis products.

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