A road trip in quest of cannabis

We called it our Green Road Trip, and it was impromptu in nature but a long time coming. What that means is that my bestie Carl and I have been talking about doing this for months, but it was always just idle speculation. Then one day, the stars just aligned, all these different mitigating factors came into play, and we realized it was the perfect time to make a long car ride for a delicious prize. We gassed up the car, got tons of snacks and beers for the drive, and set out on a two day trip to the closest state that had legalized marijuana. Our state was seriously behind the times, and not even medical marijuana was allowed at this point. We had enough extra cash between us to make it worth it to drive to the next state and bulk buy a bunch of marijuana that we could smoke for the next few months. We weren’t trying to become cannabis dealers, understand that, we were just tired of running out and desperately searching for more weed. We had eight hundred bucks, which would score us enough quality cannabis to last for a long, long time. It was such a good time, even on the way back when we were both nervous about having so much cannabis in the car with us. Once we got back to our home state, the last four hours of the drive was in territory where such a large volume of cannabis possession would have been big trouble. But we made it home okay.


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