Arthritis was the problem.

For the last ten years, mom has been disabled.

She has systemic arthritis that isn’t responding to any of the medicines the doctor is giving her.

I am watching her health go downhill because of the arthritis. Her mobility is lessening and now she can barely use her hands. I noticed that she is also getting depressed because of what is happening to her. I had been grilling the doctor about different things she could do or take, that wasn’t a lot of drugs with all of the side effects. I wanted to find her a treatment that didn’t make her sick. I was watching the television and a show about marijuana came on. They were talking about the effects arthritis could have on a body. It was also showing how the marijuana works against the arthritis to allow the person to have less pain and more mobility. It won’t heal the joint damage, but it can ease the pain and stiffness. I loved the idea of medical marijuana for my mom, but I couldn’t see her smoking. I was able to talk to the doctor, and he said there wasn’t a need for a medical card now that it was legal. I went to the marijuana dispensary and I was able to choose some gummies, but I also chose a topical that she could rub into her joints. The THC was strong and I knew it would make her feel better. I also thought that with the topical marijuana cream, she would be more willing to use it.

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