Being close to the dispensary is great

I didn’t factor in the location of our last beach house when I chose to sign the lease.

I was only considering the condition and style of the apartment, I wasn’t considering the process of having to drive a few hours just to reach a grocery store, or a few hours to get to work. Location is so essential in life, so much so that it can shape your perspective and attitude on a day to day basis. Those long commutes each day were not kind to my mental health. I think my stamina during the work afternoon was changed as well. And when you’re so far from a store or gas station, you eat up more time out of the day than necessary if you have a handful of stops to make while shopping. When I relocated to my new home, I was relieved to find out that I was in a central location to pretty much everything from my job to my favorite restaurants and pizzerias. Some mornings I ride my bicycle to work if the weather outside is nice. I have walked to the grocery store a few times as well. I found out recently that there are several recreational marijuana stores closeby. Just prefer any other shop, I always had a 20 to 30 min drive to any of the local recreational marijuana stores previously. It’s not like I go to the cannabis dispensary bi-weekly, but it’s nice being so much closer now so I have less time on the road whenever I make those trips.

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