Blog post helped me build a grow box

Despite living in a modern age, I still read a number of blogs.

I recognize that more people get their information from online videos and social media posts opposed to blogs these mornings.

And that’s for a good reason, as lots of blogs aren’t worth much with information accuracy. But if you have old hobbies like noodling and soldering metal, there are still blogs all over the web that contain a wealth of information. With any luck, you can find some that go back to the nineties as well. This is how I learned so much about growing cannabis plants. It’s not as easy as some would make you think, and you need decent equipment and fluorescent lighting if you want to grow marijuana with high yields and potent crops. Of course you can grow outside, despite the fact that I adore growing indoors. Over the years people have improved upon do it yourself marijuana grow box designs. Back in the late 2000s I was using a PC laptop enclosure for stealth cannabis grow projects, however didn’t realize that the plant stink would still pose problems. Thankfully I never got busted at that apartment, but it was frightening growing cannabis like that when it was still illegal in our state. Now that all of us have legal recreational marijuana available throughout the state, I can grow up to more than five cannabis plants either inside our home or in our backyard. I built a new cannabis grow box from designs I found from a newer cannabis growing blog.

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