Cannabis budtenders are a wealth of information when shopping at dispensaries

Since I rarely go to bars, I often find it difficult for me to make up my mind on what beer I want to buy when there are more than four or five choices.

Recently a friend from high school asked me if I wanted to meet up at this bar known for it’s huge selection of craft beer.

If I ever buy beer, I typically go for something that is craft. The taste is usually better than cheaper varieties of alcohol. But without fail, the decision on what to buy each time isn’t easy. It’s like shooting in the dark, but at least I’ve determined that I prefer IPAs more than stout beers. When we got to the bar and I opened their extensive menu, I was lost in a sea of choices. They even had the alcohol percentage listed with every variety. I decided to ask the bartender to recommend an IPA beer, and I’m happy he did. The beer I ended up with had a rich flavor. I have a similar problem when I’m shopping for cannabis products at the medical cannabis dispensary. Even if I just stick to flower products, the medical cannabis strains are as diverse as craft beers. In the end, I typically defer to the budtenders and ask them what their favorite products are each week as the stores get new shipments. The cannabis budtenders are a wealth of information regarding anything related to medical marijuana. If you come in with a particular ailment that you’re seeking cannabis to treat, asking an experienced budtender for advice can go a long way in getting you the best available marijuana product whenever you go to the medical cannabis dispensary.

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