CBD was my key to not sleeping.

I have hated not being able to sleep at night.

I have had occasional bouts of insomnia throughout my entire life, but it is getting worse.

I have tried using bamboo sheets, gel pillows, and sound machines. I have also tried yoga that is meant to help a body relax and sleep. Nothing was able to soothe my restlessness. I thought about trying sleeping pills, but I had heard horror stories about the disasters caused by sleeping pills. I didn’t want to feel like a zombie or be only half awake all day. I wanted something that was going to be safe for my body and all natural. I was able to find a website that boasted CBD oil. CBD is a property that is extracted from the marijuana plant. There is no THC, so there are no hallucinogens. I read that many people put their CBD oil into whatever they consume before bedtime. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to use CBD in my state. However, unlike marijuana, CBD doesn’t need any special laws to allow it to be used. I was able to purchase CBD online, or in any marijuana dispensary. The first dose of CBD oil brought me relief from the ADD. I was glad I chose to try CBD for my ADD. I am sure that when I start my college classes this fall, I won’t be considered the class clown or the class disruptions. With the help of CBD, I will be able to relax and stay focused during every class.

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