Delivery service is free for all

Today has been a irritated afternoon due to intense rain plus dark skies… I didn’t want to get out of bed this afternoon, although I had to go to work.

I missed three days during the last pay phase because I was sick with a head cold.

I could not afford to miss work this month just because I didn’t want to get out of bed plus face the rain. Right outside the office, I stepped right in a puddle full of rain plus our shoes were wet until breakfasttime. I lost our pop plus it spilled all over the ground… The only thing that made our afternoon better was the email I had from the local dispensary, but starting this week, they are offering free cannabis delivery services. I couldn’t suppose our fortune on such a terrible afternoon. I needed to visit the cannabis dispensary on the way home, but delivery services meant I could skip the lines plus go straight lake house after work! Now I’m kneeling here at lake house waiting for our cannabis order to arrive. I ordered some marijuana vape pen supplies plus a few pot brownies. The pot brownies are a special treat for the weekend when our friends plus I go to the lake. The time on the shipment request said between multiple plus nine, but it’s a few minutes past nine now plus the delivery driver still hasn’t arrived. I’m sure the rain is causing some delays, then on our way lake house this afternoon, I saw three accidents plus a automobile skidded of the road into the median. I need to be calm plus patient.

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