I didn’t even know what Crohn’s disease was.

When the doctor told me I had Crohn’s disease, I thought he was crazy.

I wasn’t this skinny as a rail person.

I was a big person who enjoyed life. From all the advertising on TV, I would have thought Crohn’s was going to ruin my life. I went to the doctor because I have constant severe cramping in my lower abdomen. I was convinced I would have an attack of appendix. I had diarrhea all the time, and I was losing weight. I knew I was heavy, but I didn’t want to lose weight this way. I told my doctor it was either my appendix, or I had dysentery. He told me that it wasn’t either. He explained that Crohn’s was a disease that attacked the gut and bowel, and the lining of the digestive tract. We started out with a regimen of Pepto Bismol, tums, and a lot of water, but that wasn’t helping. I had to go another route. I read somewhere about the use of marijuana and how it could help with Crohn’s disease. I found the article and it explained howTHC and cannabinoids were able to enhance the immune system’s response, and help the cells that play a big part in a good functioning gut. The cannabis could also block off bacteria and other harmful elements that could cause inflammation in the stomach. After I found out about the marijuana and I tried it, I found that I was having an easier time with all of my stomach upset. The diarrhea had lessened, and I was able to eat more. I felt so much better thanks to the marijuana.

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