I just didn’t have the right stuff

The care is easy and the process is automated

I lost my squash plants this year from mildew. When I obtained them from the hardware store, I had no clue that mildew was a risk. I figured that with the proper sunlight and enough water they’d thrive without a hitch. Since my only experience in gardening was with bulbs, I didn’t know about infections, debris, or even insects and their effects on flowers and plants alike. I have a friend who obtained a hydroponic aerogarden and grows his squashes inside where he has temperature controlled A/C. He never worries about mildew on his plants as long as he doesn’t expose them to contaminants inadvertently. Recently, I learned that cannabis plants need to be grown under similar conditions. Yup, numerous still grow their marijuana outdoors where it can get exposed to any number of different environmental factors. Many others choose to grow cannabis in temperature controlled settings indoors either in custom grow rooms or in small grow box enclosures. It doesn’t matter if you’re growing two plants or two hundred, you need proper ventilation and proper fluorescent lighting for your marijuana plants. Making sure they get enough water and food is essential as well. If I ever decide to grow cannabis myself, I’m going to spend extra dough and get a turn-key grow box that has everything included that I need to grow cannabis plants. The care is easy and the process is automated. If you’re looking to start your quest into cannabis cultivation, turn-key equipment is the way to go for sure.


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