I love getting treats at my local cannabis store

It seems as though lots of my life is spent doing stuff for all sorts of other people.

I have raised a family, been the supportive wife and am always delivering in my task.

All of this repair to others can get a tad bit exhausting. So, when it’s time to treat myself, I do it up right. I have long been a recreational marijuana user. However, when I was raising my family and being a dutiful wife, there wasn’t much occasion for cannabis in my life. Well, all that is finally over. My kids are in school and I shed what was an easily disappointing marriage. While I still toil awfully hard at my work, my current life is one replete with numerous opportunities to treat myself. One of my number one treats is to go to the cannabis dispensary. First, just seeing all the cannabis products in a single location is absolutely mind boggling for me. I mean I come from a location and time where scoring a single joint was not really a straight-forward thing to do. Now, I just take a walk down to the local cannabis spot. I know I treat myself sort of often since the staff at the cannabis spot knows me by name. It’s not that I purchase substantial quantities, it’s easily more for the experience of shopping for cannabis. It is such a treat and a thrill to be honest. There are aisles of cannabis products of every description. I have recently become enamored with the cannabis edibles they have for sale. They aren’t your stoner buddy’s weak pot brownies either. I care about the marvelous experience. And not smoking cannabis is sort of an unusual thing for me as well. Whatever the case, I just care about dropping by the local cannabis spot because they help make treating myself such a pleasure.

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