I need to be grounded when flying.

I have never been one who liked the idea of flying.

A friend of mine had been killed when her dad’s small plane crashed, when they were on vacation. The thought of being in an airplane and not having any control over my landing, had me scared senseless. When I accepted my new job, I didn’t give any thought to needing to fly. I knew I would be remote a lot. I had to be able to give speeches. This in itself had me nervous, but flying had me petrified. I immediately talked to my doctor. He offered to give me some sedatives, but I knew where that got me. My doctor gave me some sedatives when I went away with my friends. When nothing happened with the pill, I took a second. My friends had to literally drag me from the airplane, when one under each arm. After doing some research, I started looking at marijuana. I realized that medical marijuana would be able to reduce my anxiety and keep me a bit more down to earth about flying. I was able to get a marijuana medical card within weeks, and I made my way to the marijuana dispensary. I talked to the budtender, who offered to show me some different products. I told her about my job and she first mentioned a vape, but that wasn’t going to work at the airports. She then showed me the edibles. They had edible gummy worms and bears. They had marijuana oil infused in the gummy edibles. She gave me the amount I was allowed with my prescriptions. I could easily put my gummies in a small mint box.
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