I rarely get cannabis products anymore that knock me off my feet

It’s frustrating when things lose their effects as time goes on.

Whether it’s the joy you get from a particular hobby or the buzz from a can of beer, your perception of that stimulus is going to change as you get older.

Sometimes the effects simply diminish. You could fall madly in love but end up drifting apart from the person with the passage of time. Or you reach for cold medicine for the fifth time in one week and discover that you’re suddenly getting less relief from the same dose. I have gone through this process with many different things in my life, but there is one example that stands out above the rest. I’ll never forget how magical it felt trying cannabis for the first time roughly 10 years ago. I remember the euphoria rushing to my head and taking me away from my daily world of anxiety and grief. Cannabis was beyond anything my mind could conceive at that age, and it quickly became a constant feature in my life. But as time went on, the effects of cannabis—regardless of the strain or THC potency—have diminished whenever I smoke marijuana flower buds. When I visited the cannabis dispensary last week, I mentioned my struggles to the budtender. He recommended that I try a cannabis concentrate product for a change. I had to admit that I had been using flower products forever and haven’t a concentrate since sampling hashish in college years ago. I remember the intensity of the experience, and these new concentrates brought me back to that place. In a matter of seconds, my tolerance for cannabis was shattered.

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