I wish all dispensaries didn’t put their logos on their delivery vehicles

I just got a pizza delivered to my house a few hours ago.

It was easier than ever to get my food compared to normal procedures before the pandemic started.

I went online and found the restaurant’s website. After creating a delivery order I paid for my food with my credit card. I left a chair outside of my front door with a sign on it so the delivery driver could leave my pizza out front and I wouldn’t have to interact with them at all. I waited two minutes for the wind to move the air around and then I stepped outside and grabbed the pizza. Even though the restaurant guarantees the pizza is safe, I simply chuck it in the oven for a few minutes just to make sure. Plus it gets the crust a tiny bit crispier, which I like a lot. I get my cannabis products delivered to my house, but it isn’t always as easy as pizza delivery. Sometimes the delivery people get pushy about leaving tips, even when transactions are processed without cash ahead of the delivery. The worst part is when drivers from a particular cannabis dispensary show up with their special delivery truck. It has the dispensary’s logo emblazoned on the sides in large font. Unfortunately, their name is “CannaMed” and there is a green pot leaf behind the letters. It’s extremely obvious to anyone with a shred of social awareness what kind of delivery truck that is. My friends tell me that I’m just being paranoid, but I live in a conservative city to begin with, and my condo association is even worse. These people here already look down on me, I don’t need them to know every time I’m getting a delivery from a local cannabis dispensary’s delivery service.


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