I’m a huge fan of cannabis gummies and other candy products

I have to admit that I’ve had a sweet tooth my whole life.

It began when my grandmother started watching me while my parents went to work.

She’d buy me everything from donuts to m&m candies. One of our favorite places was the ice cream shop at a fruit grove right down the road from where I live right now. They grow oranges, lemons, limes, and grapefruits and use pure fruit extract in their ice cream. Then it goes into a soft serve machine where they dispense it onto sugar cones for eating. I am starting to salivate just thinking about that ice cream. Another place she’d take me was the candy shop. This local business closed up shop around 10 years ago, but when I was a child it was a popular destination for both locals and tourists visiting the area. They had bulk candy so I could get a bag filled with all of my favorite candy varieties. Since then I’ve always been partial to gummy candies. When the medical marijuana dispensary announced that they would start selling cannabis edibles in a matter of days, I was hoping they’d offer gummy candies. I have been buying CBD gummies off the internet for the past two years to great effect. This is why I was nearly jumping up and down with excitement when the budtender told me that gummy candies would be the first cannabis edible on the new product menu. They would have cannabis cookies, brownies, and cake in due time, but for now it is going to be limited to cannabis gummies and cannabis soda. I’m going to make an online order right now.

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