I’m finding CBD stores all over my county

Business is booming in my state for the first time since last February.

Like the rest of the country, we experienced a sizable hit to our economy following the outbreak of COVID.

Many businesses were forced to close overnight for indefinite periods of time. Even after the initial lockdowns were lifted, many restaurants and bars couldn’t survive. There was initial stimulus money granted by the government, but partisan deadlock has prevented anything additional. I was worried that the entire world economy would collapse, but thankfully that hasn’t happened yet. And despite the growing third wave of coronavirus infections, my local economy here in my home state is finally seeing the light of day again. Non-essential businesses have had a few months of steady customers and are in a slow but steady recovery. Surprisingly, I’m seeing new businesses open in this area. The biggest shock has been the sheer number of CBD stores that suddenly opened in my county. I see them everywhere when I’m out doing my delivery runs. It’s crazy to think that CBD was illegal 10 years ago, but now our grandparents are doing it and you can find it legally on nearly every street corner in every moderate to large sized city throughout the country. I have learned from medical literature on CBD products that they are not all made equally. Some companies have frivolous safety standards for extraction of CBD and its formulation as a supplemental medication. I make sure that I get all of my cannabis CBD products from a local legal medical marijuana dispensary. That way I know the CBD has lab testing paperwork to verify its purity.


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