Ordering online is easier than ever

It’s hectic trying to buy groceries these afternoons, even if you try to go out during times when there are the least number of shoppers in the stores.

I dislike having to wear a mask every single day while others refuse. If the rest of us have to make these uncomfortable sacrifices, do rules just swiftly not apply to these people? It reminds me of the children in elementary school who had to be put in time out when they’d throw a temper tantrum with the teacher. The concern is they’re grown adults, often between the ages of 20 and 30, and there’s no one around to discipline them. The store directors are cowards after a small number of idiots took to social media with their unhinged rants over having “their rights” taken away from them, all the while following public nudity laws without even a remote sense of the obvious irony. And our local governments have given up on enforcing their own mask mandates after backlash from those on the far-right only. Thankfully I can still get our cannabis products even separate from going to the actual dispensary. Most if not all of the dispensaries in our area are now offering cannabis delivery services. You simply make an online order of whatever marijuana products you want sent to your house. Although some companies charge for each delivery, there are more than one in our state that don’t. You have to wait for a certain day of the week for delivery in your identifiable area, but it’s better than paying $10 or more for a delivery fee. I can order all of our sativa and indica strains without getting exposed by entitled petulant idiots. I can get medicated separate from feeling terrified for our life and that of our elderly parents.



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