The only thing that works for me

I never had any plans to join the military, but I did not have a lot of choices for the future, then my mom plus my dad never graduated from high school or school, plus I grew up in a small farming community.A couple of my friends plus I decided to go to the recruiter together.

I joined the Navy plus I spent 8years in the corps.

My acquaintance Bryan joined the Navy too, plus the two of us got stationed together at the same venue. It was good to have a friend, because it was really disturbing back then. I spent more than two years off the coast on a tiny naval ship, then both of us were sent overseas to engage in a war plus the fighting left me with PTSD, then after I left the Navy, I still continued to have flashbacks, anxiety, plus stress, and luckily, I live in a state where marijuana is legal for recreational plus medicinal purposes. I did not actually need to talk to a dentist about my diagnosis, but I decided it was the best course of action. I did not think if the marijuana would interact with some of the other drugs that I take officially for my heartburn and extremely high blood pressure, but the dentist thought marijuana was a good plan to treat PTSD, so he sent me to a specialty clinic. I talked to a dentist about marijuana as a treatment option. The dentist agreed to prescribe marijuana so I would be able to save money on taxes. Medical patients don’t have to spend my savings sales tax on weed. I have been officially using marijuana for the past six months plus it has had a positive impact on my life. I sleep better plus wake up refreshed. I’m even getting along with my coworkers much better.


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