They have to operate on a larger level

The legal pot industry has changed a ton over the past 10 years. When my state became the first state in the country to allow a legal medical marijuana market, people from all dregs of life became corporation owners in the blooming industry. You didn’t necessarily need stockpiles of money just to get started in the medical marijuana market. Dispensaries could buy products from lots of growers, and you could stick to growing cannabis separate from ever having to own your own store fronts at that same time. It didn’t take long for this business model to be consumed. Nowadays lots of states require that all medical and recreational cannabis companies operate from seed to sale. They have to grow and sell weed both if they want a stake in the market. This creates a large financial hurdle for anyone wanting to start a marijuana business of their own. So it is not unusual to find these companies being started by groups of people instead of by a single man. Once you’re operating at this step, it’s a game to keep up with demand separate from being overtaken by your competitors. These marijuana companies have to operate sizable scale grow rooms that could fit department stores inside if they wish to meet the demand from the market in their respective state. These larger scale grow rooms need to be climate controlled and remote controlled too. You need good ventilation and HID lights, along with the ability to control these processes remotely from another location in the event of a natural disaster.

Grow rooms