Topical ointments were able to help me.

At seventy years old, my body was showing the ravages of time.

I had been a gymnast when younger.

I practiced gymnastics right up through my fifties. Finally, I had such pain in my joints and my body, that I was finding it difficult to move. I knew that I had to find something that would help with my pain. I had tried so many over-the-counter drugs and then prescriptions, but nothing was helping. I was talking to my daughter about what she would do. She told me that medical marijuana was now available. I swore that I didn’t want marijuana I wanted something that would ease my pain without getting me high. She explained that medical marijuana wasn’t just made for smoking. She told me that you could medical marijuana in an ointment. All you had to do was rub the cream into the affected joint or area. It worked better than any ice hot, ice, or massage could have ever worked. We went to the marijuana dispensary and I was in awe. I never thought I would see a time when marijuana becomes a legal aid for people. My daughter helped me to pick out a topical ointment that was high in THC. The budtender told me that I may feel a bit high from the THC in the ointment, but it wouldn’t be enough to make me silly or anything. The THC would work as if a calm was coming over me. They told me I should have a nurse observe me after using the topical the first time. My daughter laughed and told her she was the only nurse my mom needed.

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