Weed made me sleep.

Not being a fan of marijuana, I would never have thought I would be applauding it.

I didn’t enjoy marijuana when I was a kid.

It was a foul smell, and I couldn’t get over that part of it. When I went to college, I started having problems with sleeping. I had such an odd school schedule, that I was always cramming to get my work hours in and doing my homework. If I slept four hours at a time, I would be amazed. I went to the doctor, but all he offered me was some sleeping pills. I had already been using over-the-counter sleeping pills, but they made me feel a little loopy. I lost too much time and I didn’t know what had happened. The prescriptions were even worse. I had people talking to me, when no one was there. I would dream that people were standing around my bed. I only used them a week and I threw them away. I then asked the doctor about medical marijuana. I had read how it could relax you so you were able to get some rest. The doctor was able to help me get my medical marijuana card. I was thrilled when I was able to go to a medical marijuana dispensary and get something for my insomnia. They showed me different types of marijuana products that were able to help me sleep. I took home some vape, edibles, and a little bit of smokable marijuana. The first time I use the medical marijuana, I slept for seven uninterrupted hours. I had never felt so relaxed as I did that morning. I was glad I had chosen to try medical marijuana.
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