Cannabis works to treat acne

I have difficulties with my skin.

Acne showed when I was around 13 years old and has been a challenge ever since. I experimented with all sorts of skincare options such as face wash, scrubs, steamers and astringents. Nothing seemed to stop my skin from breaking out. I eliminated fatty foods from my diet and started washing my pillow cases every week. I frequently invest in facials to have my pores cleaned and exfoliated. I then read an article online about the effects of cannabis on the skin. There are studies proving that acne can be effectively treated by marijuana. Cannabis has anti-inflammatory properties and reduces the appearance of red bumps. Also, cannabis reduces the amount of sebum the body generates. Sebum is the oily waxy stuff that clogs pores and causes an acne spot! Unfortunately, cannabis for a skincare regime isn’t included in what’s allowed as legal medical marijuana. Those patients are dealing with something a little more serious in order to be allowed legal weed. Thankfully, I reside in a state that legalized easy access to recreational cannabis. I simply visited the local weed dispensary and bought a face cleanser, topical and some cannabis oil to add to my daily tea in order to treat our acne. I haven’t enjoyed this clear of skin since I was ten years old. I look like a younger woman. I have way more confidence when I interact socially and at work. Using cannabis to minimize acne was a great decision. The products are all natural, safe for my skin and they are so helpful.

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