Education before becoming a budtender

Most of the people I deal with are medical marijuana patients

For quite some time, I was looking to get a job as a budtender at a cannabis dispensary. There are various levels of budtenders however. If you are employed by a legal weed shop, you are on the same level as a gas station attendant. Nobody expects you to provide advice and you aren’t qualified to provide it. You probably make minimum wage and are simply punching a clock. Legitimate marijuana dispensaries, especially those larger facilities, emply an extensive staff of budtenders who need to complete some level of certification. The cannabis dispensary I had decided upon required cannabis education before I could even apply there. I took a few classes at a local facility that strictly offers cannabis education. I learned about both the medical and recreational uses of cannabis. I was informed about CBD, THC and what they are best suited for. I also learned the distinguishing characteristics of a sativa vs an indica plant. Once I applied to the cannabis dispensary and was ultimately hired, I needed to go back to school for two more courses. I studied the facts of an actual cannabis dispensary and how the business is set up and run. I also learned about how to make cannabis sales. There is a skill to understanding how to approach clients and find out what they want. The class was probably the most beneficial in the lend. I learned and practiced how to pitch new cannabis strains to a knowledgeable recreational cannabis user. At the same time, I learned how to handle a brand new medical marijuana patient and guide them through the cannabis products. Most of the people I deal with are medical marijuana patients. I enjoy sharing the benefits of cannabis.


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