Getting legal weed wasn’t difficult or expensive

My state only permits access to medical marijuana at this stage.

I have been a recreational consumer since I turned eighteen.

I like the sensation of feeling high. I am thrilled that I can calm down at the end of the day and get a good night of sleep. It has been aggravating looking for a new source fo marijuana everytime I transfer for my job! Also, the idea that I am doing something against the law was always stressful to me. Where I live now, the state allows for legal medical weed. I started looking into how challenging that route would be for me. I expected loads of paperwork, tons of costs and multiple doctor’s visits only to be told no. I believed that the only medical marijuana patients were people suffering from life threatening medical conditions such as cancer, PTSD and seizures. I still gave it a try and was hopeful that I would have access to legal medical cannabis someday. Completing the process was way easier and quicker than my expectations! First, locating a doctor who prescribed legal weed was downright easy. I simply performed a google search. I had to arrange a medical marijuana profile online, include all of my symptoms and then arrange an appointment with the doctor. After the doctor’s visit, I was given a code to add into the account that then allowed me to buy cannabis oil, tinctures and flowers. There was a small fee for the account. Other than that, the price was not bad at all. The process involved to buy medical cannabis only took me a few afternoons of messing around. Now I have access to legal cannabis and can smoke without feeling like a delinquent. Turns out, sleeping problems are an acceptable condition to get legal pot.

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