I can’t believe my father wants me to take him to the marijuana dispensary

I certainly got myself into it this time.

My father has been suffering drastic back & leg pain on & off for a couple of years now, & I proposed that he think about using medicinal marijuana.

I completely remember when I was a kid, he & my Mom would have buddies over & they would smoke pot regularly. I honestly believe that my father was not completely averse to the idea. I told him that if he didn’t had the desire to try smoking marijuana medically the traditional way, I could get him a marijuana oil pen & a good amount of marijuana oil, or even some marijuana edibles. Recreational marijuana is legal in our state now, so he doesn’t have to see a healthcare worker for marijuana pain relief & a marijuana dispensary recently opened not too far from here. When I first brought the subject of medical marijuana up, my father basically blew me off. It was tough for him to actually believe that marijuana has medicinal value. So, I picked him up some low dose pot brownies & Space Cakes & now he has the desire to visit the marijuana dispensary with me! Imagine taking your elderly father to a marijuana dispensary! My father honestly believes in asking so many questions & I told him to make sure he gives the budtender a great tip. The new marijuana dispensary already has a pretty nice website, & I showed it to my father so that he will be prepared. I’m undoubtedly not looking forward to taking my father to the marijuana dispensary. I undoubtedly expect my father will embarrass me to the max. I think I will just grin & bear it though.


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