I thought they just forgot the / in 420.

I don’t know where or who helped to make 420 an important date in time. I just know that marijuana smokers are well aware of the 420. April or 4/20 is the date that has been set aside by all marijuana smokers. It is a great day of celebration. If you ask someone about 420 and they are able to tell you what it means, they are more than likely, users of marijuana. I looked for information online, about the 420 celebration. I didn’t find out a lot about it, except for what I just mentioned. The 420 celebration is highly known throughout the marijuana smoker community. I found out that it is a cool safe word among marijuana users. You don’t need to be blunt and ask if a person partakes in the use of marijuana, all you need to do is ask if they know about 420. They know exactly what 420 is and they are pleased to know you know too. When I found out what the 420 is all about, I thought it is pretty cool. I no longer wonder if I am travelling alone without other people who understand why I enjoy smoking marijuana. There is a whole crew of us, and we all share the 420. A couple months ago, I was at a celebration and there were people looking around. I was pretty sure they were just curious onlookers. My friend was wearing a 420 t-shirt. One of the onlookers walked up and handed him a pre-roll joint. He shook his hand and nodded with a smile.

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