Legal weed makes honeymoon enjoyable

We got high quite a few days and watched favorite movies or soaked in the hot tub.

When my new husband and I took our honeymoon, we had to remain within the United States, because of the threat and restrictions due to COVID. Venturing anywhere abroad just wasn’t allowed. At first, I was really disappointed over losing the opportunity to experience a European culture and visit historic sites. My fiance was wonderful about figuring out a different state where there was lots for us to do. The state we chose was just perfect for us. The weather was mild and tons of eating establishments were open. We got to try lots of different foods and even lying out on the beach was feasible. One thing the state offers is an array of cannabis dispensaries. In our home state, only medical marijuana is legal. We would need to get a special card from a doctor in order to be allowed to buy weed at a dispensary. In our honeymoon locations, the two of us were able to just walk inside, browse the selection and purchase whatever we wanted. My husband and I hadn’t smoked marijuana since we were around 19 years old. We wanted to try all sorts of products. There were cannabis cookies, CBD oils and cannabis smoothies to try. Since a lot of bars, activities and parks were difficult to access because of the virus, we spent a lot of time at our hotel. My husband and I purchased an array of cannabis products and smoked, nibbled or drank them most of the time. We got high quite a few days and watched favorite movies or soaked in the hot tub. It was such a relaxing time for us. Now that we have returned home, I wish I had a medical cannabis prescription. I miss the peaceful and happy feeling of the THC effects.


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