Mom didn’t need to try to be cool

My girlfriend’s mom is always trying so hard to be a part of our gang. She thinks she needs to be the cool mom to be liked. Last year we all went to a 420 street fair. Her mom drove the van, since she was the only one who had a driver’s license. Her mom was the first one to purchase some marijuana and then she offered some to us. I refused because I didn’t want to disappoint my mom by doing that. This year I asked my mom if she would be willing to take us to the street fair? She asked if it was the 420 celebration we wanted to go to. My mom must have either known what 420 is or she had heard about it. I looked sheepish when she said that but I was honest and told her yes. I had already told her what had happened last year. I didn’t know much about mom growing up. My grandparents were gone long before I was born. Mom was brought up by her older sister. We got to the street fair and there were even more people there than the previous year. I was shocked when one man walked up and gave my mom a huge hug. She asked how he had been doing and he said he was shocked to see her there. He started to say something and she quickly introduced me to him. He said something about a party that night and she was invited. He also whispered that this time he could afford to pay for the pot.



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