My friends and I love to go on road trips. We have often taken off and rode around for days on end. We are usually very careful with our marijuana stash. We have it hidden in a can that is wrapped in newspaper and tucked away in a box. Even so, we still don’t want to get pulled over by a cop and have our car searched. The last time we had a cop follow us, we all got paranoid. We knew we had to get rid of the weed. We drove up and down the streets for what felt like forever. We finally pulled into the parking lot of a fast food store. We dug out the marijuana and tossed it in the closest trash can. When we saw the cop, he was walking into the restaurant. I couldn’t believe we had ditched all that marijuana for nothing. When the cop left, we headed back to the trash can, planning on retrieving our marijuana. A young man had just pulled the trash bag and he had the biggest smile on his face. I had a feeling he had found the marijuana and it was now in his car. I wish we had our marijuana back, but we couldn’t force him to give it back. We packed it in and headed back to see if we could find someone to purchase more marijuana and then we were on the way out of town. I remember my friend saying that we would all laugh about this when we got older. I’m still not laughing because I still don’t see anything funny about what happened.

I was working at a marijuana dispensary.


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