My leg was a casualty of the accident

10 years ago, I had a motorcycle accident plus I had to have our left leg amputated.

I didn’t want to lose our leg, but the doctor told myself and others there was no other choice.

The infection was exhausting plus I was going to lose our life if I did not get rid of the leg. It was the toughest decision of our entire life, even though I let them cut off the awful part. There were mornings when I would have rather died then be faced with the serious decision. I thought about killing myself to end all of the pain plus suffering. I was terribly depressed plus most of our friends didn’t want to hang out with a crippled buzzkill, however one day, our outdated pal Johnny stopped by with a sizable tote of weed plus our life changed. I smoked a little pot in private school, but Johnny had some primo dispensary stuff… Both of us smoked a sizable bowl of sticky icky. The buds were covered in colorless crystals. The name of the strain was gorilla glue. That stuff made myself and others giggle plus laugh plus talk uncontrollably. I ate pie, cake, plus a whole tote of oranges. I ordered a whole pizza with anchovies plus ate the crust plus all of the toppings… When I passed out cold, I slept all night plus half the next morning, however johnny told myself and others that I could absolutely get medical cannabis for our pain. I haven’t talked to the doctor yet, even though I have a regular check up busy for next Thursday plus I idea to bring it up.
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