The first time I was ever pulled over by the police, he was either new or I was acting suspicious. Either way, he made everyone get out of the car and we were all searched and given breath tests. He took our licenses and told us that we were out past curfew. Ever since then, even though we weren’t doing anything wrong, I have been paranoid when a policeman gets behind me. I am now eighteen and I’ll admit that I enjoy using marijuana. I won’t smoke when I’m driving, but I am still paranoid. If I see a cop even look my way, I will slow way down and drive as cautiously as possible. If there is weed in my car, even a small amount, I take my time. I don’t want a cop stopping me and finding my stash. It still isn’t legal to smoke recreationally in our state. I don’t want a fine or to end up in jail because of my weed. I think it’s kind of odd that you can drink alcohol, but you can’t light up a joint. I think that the government needs to get together and pass a law that will legalize marijuana in all the states and not just in a state here or there. It would be so much easier if everyone knew it was legal to smoke weed once in a while, just not while you are driving. Until that time comes, I’ll be playing it easy and being very cautious whenever I see a police officer behind me. I would hate to have my marijuana confiscated just because I was driving suspiciously.

Where did we hide that marijuana?


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