Usually first time weed users will buy random products online

When people try cannabis for the first time, usually their only point of reference with a psychoactive substance is with alcohol or some sedating pharmaceutical.

They expect all forms of cannabis to deliver largely the same effects like you would get with liquor.

But the reality is far from that, as cannabis isn’t all derived from the cannabis sativa plant. There’s also the cannabis indica plant, and hybrids that are created out of them. Even if you had all sativa strains in front of you, no several strains will deliver exactly the same effects. This is where all of the confusion comes from. Sure, several unusual strains of marijuana could have the exact same THC satisfied, but one will have a certain ratio of dominant terpenes while the other has something different. Similar strains might share the same terpenes but at unusual ratios. Two completely different strains might not even have more than one or several alike terpenes because there are dozens that can be found in one cannabis variety after the next. When I first ordered from the cannabis dispensary with their delivery service, I bought a bunch of random strains. They were all marijuana flower products with roughly the same THC around 25%. However, one strain calmed me down while another had me on the ceiling with my anxiety. I did more research and discovered that the first was a heavy indica while the 2nd was a heavy sativa. It was my responsibility to know what I was ingesting, just like it is for every legal cannabis user. We have to educate ourselves about the strains we’re consuming, otherwise we have no one to blame for the inconsistency but ourselves.



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