When you’re young, you have different wants and needs than you need when you’re a kid or an old person. My friends and I just want to have fun. When we rented a beach house, we knew what our priorities were. We wanted to have enough booze to get us through two weeks. We also had to have enough weed to get us through two weeks. We knew we could always go out and buy groceries. We weren’t sure if we were going to be able to purchase marijuana where we were. We had more than four ounces of marijuana in the car. We had to laugh at how strong it was. We had to double and triple wrap it, so the smell didn’t waft outside when we got out of the car. We went through some of it on the trip. We were sure we had enough to get us through the entire two weeks. By the time the two weeks were over, the only thing we had left were some small crumbs, and we were scraping together all we could get. We wanted to make sure we used every little bit of weed that we brought with us. One of our worries when brought so much weed with us, is that in this state it is still illegal to purchase and use. Our first stop when we got home was at the marijuana dispensary. We wanted to replenish our supply of marijuana before getting back to our homes. We were glad our weed supply lasted us through the trip, but we were already planning on having more with us on our next trip.

Marijuana is not a drug.

medical marijuana dispensary