Cannabis can knock me out

My child has been experiencing evening terrors recently… This is really horrifying for me, due to the fact that I had that same problem when I was younger, plus I remember how horrifying it is, then sleepwalking sounds funny in theory, however waking up in a odd location then you went to sleep is actually very frightening plus disorienting, i am very sympathetic, even though I don’t know what to do to help, because she is only 14, so I don’t want to provide her my medicine.

I smoke cannabis, plus I smoke a fair amount of it, however it is not cool to provide that to someone her age.

I know that I am sort of a hypocrite, because I started smoking cannabis when I was her age, however on the other hand my parents didn’t hand it to me. If she were to start smoking cannabis, plus I found out about it, I would be cool with it, and actually very cheerful, even though I can’t be the single to introduce her to it, at least not at this point in time. When she is eighteen, then I’;; buy her a sack of cannabis for her birthday, however that’s a few years off. I went into the cannabis dispensary to talk to a budtender about my problem, plus he actually had a few options for me to work with. There are many oils plus tinctures made from the cannabis plant, with varying levels of THC. There are also CBD products, which have the medicinal uses of cannabis without any psychoactive effects. I hope that this can help my baby girl with her problems!

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