Consuming Edibles to Get Better Sleep

I am enjoy cannabis, no matter the form.

I enjoy taking an indica to wind myself and others down before sleep.

I enjoy that I think mellow calm plus it is more of a body high. I used to smoke either a joint or have some hits via our vape at night before bed. Now that I have a wifey who lives with me, that is no longer. My wifey is unquestionably against marijuana use, but she is even wary about the medical marijuana benefits even after being presented with the research. I have tried changing her views about recreational weed plus telling him I need it to sleep. She just won’t budge on her opinion. Honestly, it is easier to just sneak weed in our program rather than deal with her. I cannot smoke anymore since it is unquestionably obvious. I have now changed to eating edibles before sleep. I get odd kinds of edibles from the recreational cannabis dispensary in my city. I get gummies, chocolates plus taxing candy with a pretty high THC content. My wifey doesn’t care for sweets. There is no worry of him taking a piece or 2. I just hide the goodies in our kitchen cabinet plus eat a few before bed. My wifey now just thinks I have a snack before bed. For me, I eat a gummy or 2 to chill out plus relax. The edibles I eat are genuinely a lot stronger than what I used to smoke. I am sleeping better plus way more relaxed. It is funny because our wifey thinks I have magically fixed our sleeping troubles when genuinely I am using a more substantial dose. Someday I am going to get him to give it a go.


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