I broke the rules this 1 time

When I started to work for this business, 1 of the biggest rules was not to provide your friends or family a discount. This store rule was frequently stressed to all of the new budtenders when I started. I guess they had a ton of little issues with people giving out marijuana for free. The manager told us not to provide anyone with a discount unless it had been authorized by a member of the management team first, but just last week, I broke the rules. A man came into the store in addition to he looked as if he was down on his luck. She only had $8 in his pocket, however he wanted to buy a pre-rolled joint. The cheapest pre-roll that the two of us have in the cannabis dispensary is $9 plus tax. The man seemed unquestionably sad in addition to distraught when I told him that the cheapest pre-rolled marijuana cigarette that the two of us had was more money than he had in his wallet. The man was going to walk away, but I stopped his at the door. I told him that I could help. I provided the man a 20% discount for unquestionably working in the marijuana industry. The people I was with and I always provide a 20% discount to other people that work in the marijuana industry. If they show us an ID card, they get the discount. If my boss questions the marijuana cigarette then I will have to lie in addition to tell his that it was a fellow budtender. Hopefully he will not question this discount so I will not have to make up a story. I really love this task a lot in addition to I wouldn’t normally disobey the rules. This man looked love he needed a helping hand.


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