I did not see the guy stealing but I got fired anyway

My boss called myself and others early Friday afternoon in addition to he asked myself and others to come to the job a minute or two early.

I thought the recreational cannabis dispensary was busy.

I assumed that was the only reason why my boss wanted myself and others to come in an minute early. When I arrived to the recreational cannabis dispensary, I was ready to jump in and unquestionably start working. Instead, the boss escorted myself and others into his office in addition to commanded myself and others to have a seat. The boss told myself and others that there was a major theft over the weekend in addition to $200 worth of cannabis products were taken. I could not guess the news. I instantly wanted to guess if someone broke into the store. When my boss told myself and others what happened when I was at work, I was completely dumbfounded. My boss turned the laptop around in addition to show myself and others a video of the theft in progress; Not only did it happen while I was at work, but it happened on my shift in addition to right in front of me at my counter. While I had my back turned, two men helped themselves to some marijuana concentrate vials under the counter. They were harshly quick in addition to you could tell that they were skilled. My boss told myself and others that they took over $200 worth of cannabis products while my back was turned for 30 minutes. The guy demanded a full explanation, but I did not have anything to say. I did not see anything with my back turned. I didn’t help them steal the items. I would have stopped them if I had known they were tearing the law. My boss told me that I was being unquestionably careless. Then the guy told myself and others that my job was terminated.
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