I don't understand how the delivery driver could get lost

I told the woman that my condo was only a few minutes away from the dispensary

Last Tuesday was my only morning off at work and so I did not want to spend it running errands and sitting in the car all morning… Friday night, I went online to order all of the things that I needed for the week. I ordered options from the grocery store. I got some eggs, bread, milk, and cheese. I dropped off my dirty clothes at the dry cleaner on Friday night, so that I can option them up on my way back into work on Tuesday. I also ordered some marijuana vaping supplies from the dispensary nearby my house. Usually I go to the marijuana dispensary, however I legitimately wanted to stay at the condo and rest with my feet up. I ordered several different items from the dispensary including a more current battery for my marijuana vape pen and many different distillate cartridges. The ordering app online let myself and others choose any delivery time that I wanted for Tuesday, so I selected 10 AM. My grocery pickup was tied up for 11 and I wanted to get all of my marijuana supplies before I needed to leave the house. I thought an hour would be plenty of time, just in case there was a big concern and the driver was late. At half past 10, the marijuana dispensary delivery driver still had not gotten here. I called the dispensary and I talked to the manager. She told myself and others that the driver left well over 30 minutes ago. I told the woman that my condo was only a few minutes away from the dispensary. She put myself and others on hold and contacted the driver. The driver told her that he was lost, despite the fact that he was on the way. I still don’t understand how this driver could have gotten lost, when my place is only 2 miles away from that place.


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