I now sneak it with an edible

I am a fan of cannabis, no matter the form.

I like taking an indica to wind me down before bed.

I like that I feel mellow calm and it is more of a body high. I used to smoke either a joint or through my vape at night before bed. Now that I have a boyfriend who lives with me, that is over. My boyfriend is very against marijuana use. He is even skeptical about the medical marijuana benefits even after being presented with the research. I have tried changing his mind about recreational weed and telling him I need it to sleep. He just won’t budge on his views. Honestly, it is easier to just sneak weed in my system rather than fight him. I can’t smoke anymore since it is very obvious. I have now changed to taking edibles before bed. I get different kinds of edibles from the recreational cannabis dispensary near me. I get gummies, chocolates and hard candy with a pretty high THC content. My boyfriend isn’t a sweets person at all. There is no worry of him taking a piece or two. I just hide them in our kitchen cabinet and eat a few before bed. My boyfriend now just thinks I like a snack before bed. For me, I eat a gummy or two to chill out and relax. The edibles I take are actually a lot stronger than what I used to smoke. I am sleeping better and way more calm. It is funny because my boyfriend thinks I have magically fixed my sleeping issues when really I am using a higher dose. Someday I am going to get him to try weed.
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