If they want to fight, I can put up a fantastic 1

For a while I have parked my food truck near the corner of Market Street, across from the recreational marijuana dispensary.

I have been parking my little food truck there for the past 6 or 8 months, easily.

In addition to that, I have never had a problem. In fact, I have a deal with a recreational marijuana dispensary sitting across the road. Anytime 1 of their customers purchases more than 100 dollars worth of items, then they earn a free card for a coffee of their option from my food truck. Last week, I packed up all of my supplies in addition to I headed over to the recreational marijuana dispensary. As soon as I turned the corner, I could see another food truck parked in my spot. I parked in the street in addition to I went over to the food truck. I asked the guy if he had official permission to work in the parking lot, in addition to he told myself and others that he did not need to have a permit. He quoted some city ordinances in addition to county codes, but I wasn’t really paying attention to this guy. I went into the marijuana dispensary to talk to the manager; Dave told myself and others that he could not stop the guy from setting up in their parking lot, even if the two of us already had an agreement. I did not love competition on my corner. I would not kneel down without a fight. I told the manager of the recreational dispensary to send everyone they could my way. I provided out more free coffees than the previous weekend, but my sales went through the roof on cakes, cookies, in addition to pastries. I guess a little healthy competition is fantastic for my business.