If they want to throw down, I can put up a fight

I always park my food truck on the corner of Main Street, across from the recreational marijuana dispensary. I have been parking my food truck right here for the past eight months or so, and I have never had any problems. In fact, I have a deal with a recreational marijuana dispensary across the street. When 1 of the dispensary clients purchases more than $100 worth of items, they are given a gift card for a Coca-Cola of their option from my food truck. Last weekend, I packed up all of my usual supplies and I headed over to the recreational marijuana dispensary. As soon as I saw the corner, I could see another food truck parked in my spot. I parked in the street and I raced over to the food truck. I asked the guy if he had permission to work in the parking lot, and he flatly told myself and others that he did not need a permit. He estimated some of the neighborhood ordinances and county codes, however I wasn’t legitimately paying close attention to the guy. I went into the marijuana dispensary to talk to the manager, then he told myself and others that he could not keep the guy from setting up in the parking lot, even if the folks I was with and I already had an agreement. I did not enjoy competition on my Main Street corner, however I wasn’t going to lay down without a fight. I told the manager of the recreational marijuana dispensary to send all the people my way. I gave out more free coffees than the previous weekends, but my sales were through the roof on cakes, cookies, and pastries. I suppose having a little healthy competition is enjoyable for business.

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