It is a good drug

While more people are accepting the medicinal potential and benefits of weed, there are still troubles over recreational use. We easily need more research, more studies and more publicized info. The majority of people who have such a problem with weed, don’t easily know much about it. They’ve genuinely never tried it and aren’t knowledgeable about the many kinds, strains or effects. While marijuana is consistently sold as dried leaves for the purpose of smoking, it is also available as edibles, tinctures, drinks, concentrates and so much more. Whether dabbing, vaping or smoking weed, it helps people to open up, exchange ideas more freely and stimulates the mind. It has been known to enhance the taste of food and enjoyment of music. Users tend to feel more creative and energized. As cannabis interacts with the brain, it encourages an expanded thought process that artists from writers and painters to musicians have found inspiring. The effects of cannabis make people more receptive to new ideas and lead to a feeling of calm, happiness and joy. It is easily effective in treating stress, anxiety and depression. Someone who is bashful and introverted might become more outgoing and confident. Someone who tends to be narrow minded might gain a good perspective and appreciate the beauty of the world around them. The release of dopamine creates a feel-good mindset that is described as feeling high. It lessens inhibitions and encourages a happier existence. Of course there are some side-effects such as dry mouth, but they aren’t dangerous or long-term. People don’t overdose on weed. Like any drug, it should not be taken in excess.

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