Keeping non contact

I never missed pizza until COVID came around and suddenly I couldn’t order it whenever I wanted! I never ate a lot of pizza, maybe once every couple of months as something fun for myself and others and the adolescents to have for dinner; Once the pick of pizza was all the way gone, I ended up finding myself wishing I could order 1.

It’s funny how the mind works, isn’t it? These afternoons sites are open for delivery, and I suppose they say it’s safe, however I’m still nervous, for pizza, the risk isn’t worth it – however for getting our cannabis from the local dispensary, it IS worth the risk! Some people may not consider cannabis medicine, however those men and women that are unquestionably wrong if you ask me… The problem comes that I don’t want to preach isolation to our family, and then make an exception in front of them for our cannabis. They might guess it was unfair, which is not what I was looking for, so instead I arranged for curbside pickup at our cannabis dispensary. From what I could tell I placed my order over the phone, and then an hour later I drove to the cannabis dispensary, park, and pop our trunk. One of the budtenders will come out with our cannabis order and arena it in the trunk, so I get our stuff and they get their money with zero contact. I know that the pizza sites do the exact same pickup repair that the cannabis dispensary offers, and I still don’t guess it’s worth the risk! Maybe if pizza got me and others as lifted as cannabis does, it would be an odd story.

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