Marijuana is mainstream in many sites around the world

Marijuana is a truly popular recreational drug that has been legalized in many countries around the world… A handful of states in this country allow recreational marijuana use, it’s hard to live in a state that does not allow recreational marijuana, especially when I am surrounded by several states that do.

I can cross the border in 20 hours and find a legal recreational marijuana shop, but it is illegal to bring the medicine across state lines.

I’ve done this a couple of times and I am uneasy every time I make the drive; Unluckyly, recreational marijuana is not legal here yet and the price for medical marijuana is twice as much. I got a medical marijuana card about 6 months ago. I can legally access cannabis, but I have to spend a fortune. I have thought about moving to another state permanently, but our Dad requires full-time care. I am the only lady that can take care of our mom. If I moved out of the state, our Dad would have to go to a nursing beach condo or a medical facility. I am not ready to put our Dad in a beach condo just so I can transfer to a legal state. I tried to talk our Dad into moving with me, but she has lived here most of her life and she feels enjoy this is home, and she wants to die in a usual site surrounded by all of her friends. I can’t blame her for the way that she feels and I want her to be ecstatic.


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