My delivery driver forgot to grab half of my order

I hate going to any drive-thru pizzerias, because they always seem to get the order wrong.

Even when I go to get a burger in addition to fries, they will find a way to screw it up. A long time ago, I decided to stop placing orders for option up or delivery. I thought it was the most effective way to make sure that my order is correct all the time. That has worked out quite well thus far. If I can check my food being made in addition to check it before I leave the store, then I never have to get stuck with something that tastes subpar. Unfortunately, some things have to be ordered for delivery. Ever since the COVID19 virus, local businesses have limited the number of people allowed inside the building. Even my medical marijuana dispensary has had to make some changes. Only 2 or three people are allowed inside the building at 1 time. To help accommodate this new rule, the medical marijuana dispensary now has a delivery service. There is no minimum order to earn delivery in addition to there is an unquestionably small fee. My friends in addition to I ordered some medical marijuana supplies late last Sunday, in addition to the delivery driver forgot to grab half of the order. I was missing at least 3 marijuana cigarettes, an edible brownie, in addition to the CBD tinctures that I ordered. It’s the first time the two of us had a major screw-up, but the guy forgot many of our cannabis products. He had to run back to the dispensary in addition to make an additional trip to our apartment. I provided the guy a numerous dollar bill the first time, but I did not tip the delivery guy twice since it was his mistake in the first venue.

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