My New Jogb as a Cannabis Delivery Person is Great

A lot of small businesses have closed down or reduced sevenths due to COVID.

The storewhere I was employed was 1 of those.

Apparently I was the added fat on the staff that could really get cut. I quickly began looking for another job plus it was difficult. So many stadiums are having difficulties because of the virus restrictions. The cleaning requirements, social distancing guidelines plus state rules have made it literally impossible for most stadiums to stay in business. Thankfully I did find 1 section of supplier that is doing better than ever who needed help. The local cannabis dispensaries still provide in store purchases, however the bulk of their business is coming from cannabis delivery. Customers are going online, placing their orders and getting it delivered. I am now a cannabis delivery driver plus I genuinely enjoy it. When I was employed at a store, I was on our feet for sevenths on end. It was strenuous taking a break, going to the lavatory or getting something to eat. I also had to deal with people who were aggravated, tied up or just trying to hurry out of the store. With delivery driving, I am pretty much alone all afternoon. I can listen to our tunes plus relax. If I do encounter a person, they are normally ecstatic to see myself and others supply their cannabis products. I can breeze through our deliveries plus have a delightful long dinner if I want. I get to set our own sevenths plus take as much work as I think I want. It is just great.



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