My work life is easier to cope with when I have access to legal weed

I can’t count the times where I have wanted to use recreational marijuana and was not able to find any.

The laws and the stigma surrounding recreational cannabis made it so tough to find and also use. This led to me having to let go of recreational marijuana for a really long time. However, there was no way I could accept putting our task on the line for using recreational marijuana. I had a career task where the drug testing was both strict and also random. That has all changed now. Thankfully, in our region it is now legal weed and not something to be afraid to possess. This has deeply changed how I go about my weekly life. And the effects are all positive. I can go to the recreational weed store to get the various supplies I need. Those supplies of legal weed allow me to bring much more peace and calm into our life. The work is still so stressful and turned from a passion into a chore. However, with the advent of legal weed I am able to see this new situation through a modern lens. I don’t have to use recreational weed every afternoon for sure. But there are times when it sure does help me with my perspective and priorities. Life can have a way of pushing you along and forcing choices on you. With legal weed, I am able to take a more long term view of life and absolutely understand what is entirely important to me. Legal pot is a space of our life now and I am also honestly thankful to have that option. Otherwise, I would be viewing life with a much more dim view by contrast.


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